Our Mediterranean Treasures

These are the fish species you can look forward to!


The bluefin tuna but also smaller fish species attract the angler and there is quite a possibility to catch several of these fish from the shore or the boat.

The king of the seas! When fishing with Lifebaits our target fish number 1. Already the bite and the subsequent escape let so many seasoned anglers shake their knees. Now TEAMWORK is announced! A fight by hook or by crook begins, which often lasts several hours. At MAR BALEAR you can catch your "Fish of a Lifetime".


Bluefin tuna, Atun rojo

The Amberjacks or also called "AJ'S let every angler already get wet fingers when pronouncing the name. The escapes of big fish are so brutal that any material defect is definitely punished. The big fish corners are located around the Balearic island of Ibiza and the neighboring island of Menorca. The amberjack population around Mallorca is good, although the size of the fish is rather average. On medium weight harnesses we have experienced good success last season drift fishing close to shore.


Big amberjack

A welcome bycatch during our tip fishing for Tunas are the False Albacore, also called Little Tunny. Aggressive, great sport fish, which cannot be beaten in beauty with their distinctive spot pattern. This species is also often caught on the way to our HOT SPOTS when trolling with plugs.

False Albacore

Thonine, False Albacore, little Tunny

This beautiful, endemic mini-marlin species is found exclusively in the Mediterranean and is a welcome by-catch on our trolling trips. A sport fish of first class, because it is one of the fastest fish ever. Spectacular jumps in the drill make the catch of such a swordtail unforgettable.

Mittelmeer Speerfisch

Mittelmeer Speerfisch - Marlin de Mar Balear

From June on, large groups of Albacore Tunas are found in the 'offshore area' of the Majorcan coast. Fishing is done with big plugs and feather jigs while trolling over partly 2000m deep water. Legendary are the Mallorcan and Spanish Championships, where the albacore tuna is the main prey and the team of Mar Balear with guests also competes.


White tuna - Albacore

Similar to the Mediterranean moray, the conger lives in rocky areas. Crevices and holes are often used as cover to attack passing prey. When biting, it is important not to give a millimeter of line, otherwise the conger will settle in its hiding place. As bait, large fish scraps and whole fish are offered on the bottom mount.                    


Conger - Congrio

From mid-May trolling can expect very large dolphinfish that come to spawn off the Majorcan island. Their fry develop so magnificently that by the end of August you can already experience fantastic fishing for the fighting young fish. In our opinion these beautiful fish belong to the 1st league among sport fish. Colors of silver, gray, green, blue and yellow make these fish true beauties. We would also like to emphasize the enormous fighting power, which is often expressed in spectacular jumps, and the fine, delicious meat of the us if you also want to be there!


Mahi Mahi - Llampuga

The big fork mackerel, in English Leerfish, is a marine fish from the family of spiny mackerel. We catch these strong, fast fish while trolling, balloon fishing from the shore and speed shore jigging. A hot tip is the ultra fast spinning with skipping lures like the "GT- ICE CREAM".


Große Gabelmakrele - Palometa

Barracudas are caught during inshore trolling as well as spin fishing from the shore. Fearsome is the tooth-packed mouth area, which should be enjoyed with caution. This fine fish is also excellent in the kitchen.



The king of the family of toothed bream. Adult specimens reach a body length of one meter. As the name suggests, the bream has a well-toothed mouth, with which it actively hunts fish, but also mollusks such as squid. Jigging with speed pilkers is an effective method for catching bream. However, the experienced, big fish are almost exclusively caught when drifting or trolling with lifebaits.



Die Amberjacks oder auch „AJ´S  genannt lassen jedem Angler beim Aussprechen des Namens schon feuchte Finger bekommen. Die Fluchten großer Fische sind so brutal, dass jeder Materialfehler definitiv bestraft wird. Die Großfischecken befinden sich um die Baleareninsel Ibiza und der Nachbarinsel Menorca. Die Bernsteinmakrelen Population um Mallorca ist gut, wenn auch die Größe der Fische eher im Mittelmaß liegt. An mittelschwerem Geschirr haben wir in der vergangenen Saison gute Erfolge beim küstennahen Driftfischen erlebt.


Große Bernsteinmakrele - Amberjack

Dieser Tiefseeräuber folgt seiner Leibspeise, den Kalamaren, die im Schutze der Dunkelheit in der gesamten Wassersäule jagen. Eine mystische Fischerei, wenn man in einer hellen Vollmondnacht auf dem Mittelmeer an Deck einer unserer Yachten sitzt und die Rolle zu Kreischen beginnt…   


Schwertfisch - Pez de Espada

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